NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — One home at a time, 52-year-old Jackie Drewitt of Norfolk is on an urgent mission to take back the community.

“We’re taking the initiative to knock on doors, meet and greet and talk to the parents,” Drewitt said.

All it takes is one engagement in the underserved communities and Drewitt said her team can make a difference.

“We connect to the parents and let them know we are a women’s ministry,” Drewitt said. “We are helping mothers with domestic violence, we are helping mothers who are single mothers, we are helping the children who are being bullied.”

Drewitt launched the Redeemed Women Ministry three years ago. Because of an uptick in violence over the years, she decided to alter the ministry’s approach to taking back the community.

Nearly two years ago in the Young Terrace community, domestic violence triggered a mass shooting that claimed the lives of three women.

“The parents are having a hard time taking care of what they need to take care of in making the children’s needs come together, said Drewitt, who is also a survivor of domestic violence.

“I started reaching out to most of the women,” Drewitt said, “and they began to relate to my stories of having to worry about the boyfriend or the husband having bad words with them, giving them such insecurity in their homes.

Beginning Thursday, Drewitt and her team of a half dozen will take to the streets in Norfolk’s underserved communities to meet with families in need.

“I’m just asking all women to reach out to me, Jacqueline Drewitt, with Redeemed Women Ministry,” Drewitt said. “We are here to help.”

Jackie Drewitt of Redeemed Women Ministry can reached via Facebook.