(WAVY) — With today’s gas prices nearing $5 a gallon, drivers are actively trying to find the best ways to further their miles per gallon.

One of the ways drivers are looking to increase their fuel efficiency is by overinflating car tires — but could that hurt drivers more than help them? The short answer? Absolutely.

Fact or Fiction?

10 On Your Side went right to the experts to “Fuel the Facts” to get the answer. It turns out, over inflating your tires is actually pretty dangerous.

“You do not want to over-inflate your tires. When you do that, you risk a lot of safety. They’re more susceptible to blow out, you’re gonna feel every pothole, every bit of road,” said AAA’s Holly Dalby. “It’s more dangerous for your tires if they’re overinflated. You really want to target that sweet spot. When your tires get underinflated, that really can harm your gas mileage too.”

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