PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — With gas prices rising, we’re all doing what we can to conserve the fuel we burn on our daily commute. For some of us, that may mean trying to reduce the amount of time we spend driving with our windows down to increase our vehicles’ aerodynamics.

Does the “drag” created by rolling our windows down really impact our cars’ fuel efficiency?

Fact or Fiction?

“It’s not,” said AAA’s Holly Dalby. “They aren’t going to have that much of an increased impact on your fuel efficiency, so roll the windows down, get some fresh air, keep your cool for driving, and for your health.”

Instead of working on your car’s aerodynamics, Dalby suggests focusing on other factors.

“It’s more important to think about things like the weight. Take that roof rack off if you’re not using it, and empty out the trunk, or the back of that minivan. Get some of the weight off the vehicle. That will improve your fuel efficiency better,” Dalby advised.

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