(WAVY) –With today’s gas prices nearing $5 a gallon, drivers are actively trying to find the best ways to further their miles per gallon.

One of the ways we’re looking to increase our fuel efficiency is to utilize fuel additives sold in automotive shops. So — can they actually lengthen your dollar?

Fact or Fiction?

10 On Your Side went right to the experts to “Fuel the Facts” to get the answer. It turns out, they can, but not directly.

“Yes and no,” said AAA’s Holly Dalby. “It depends on what you’re buying and what it’s claiming to do. Generally speaking, fuel additives can help your mileage because the right fuel additives can remove carbon deposits and other things and just help your engine run more efficiently. If you’re going to do that, research what you’re buying, look them up online, and make sure what you’re buying is a good product.”

But what if you’re someone who constantly keeping up with scheduled car care? Would you necessarily need these extra additives?

“Well, probably not if you’re keeping your vehicle well maintained,” answered Dalby.

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