(WAVY) — With today’s gas prices nearing $5 a gallon, some drivers are looking at the features on their vehicles they’ve ignored up until now. Some others are even looking to get into a car with better features that assist in fuel efficiency and economy.

With that in mind, what’s worth it? Is a pricier tag on a new car justified with an extra eco-assist feature?

Fact or Fiction?

10 On Your Side went right to the experts to “Fuel the Facts” about what exactly eco-assist tools aim to do and what they’re worth.

“They can save you money, but the trick is… how do you drive when you’re using them?” explained AAA’s Holly Dalby. “They are designed to optimize your fuel efficiency and one of the biggest things that we have a tendency to do, that ruins our fuel efficiency, is drive too fast.”

“If you put it in the eco-boost mode, or eco-pro whatever your vehicle calls it, and you’re watching the gauge, and it may tell you if you’re gaining gas mileage driving. It might also be giving you a warning to maybe slow down to optimize your gas mileage. That’s the trick. Watch how you’re driving. Slow down and accelerate less quickly, slower on the brakes, slower on the gas. All of that is what makes a difference.

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