VIRGINIA BEACH (WAVY) – Darnell Dozier has coached the girls basketball program at Princess Anne High School for nearly three decades. He’s led the Cavaliers to 12 state championships, and has mentored several elite prospects, like Elizabeth Williams who has since shined in the WNBA.

Never has he seen triple.

Amaya Olds, a forward for the Cavaliers, was born Nov. 8, 2007, only one minute before her sister, Alauna, who was born two minutes before her sister Amani.

Princess Anne features a triple-threat. Triplets.

“Other coaches, they’re amazed,” Amaya said. “They’ve never seen triplets before.”

“I can’t tell them apart sometimes,” Dozier said. “I’ll (call on) the wrong one, put her in the game, figure out I put the wrong one in the game. It’s just a little bit messy, but I’m learning, you know.”

All three Olds have been playing on the same team since they started playing basketball around the fourth grade, and the on-court chemistry has been growing ever since. “I feel like twin telepathy is a thing,” Alauna said.