LOS ANGELES (PIX11) — It’s been 34 years since NFL legend Doug Williams became the first Black quarterback to play, win and receive the MVP of a Super Bowl in 1988. Now, Hollywood is making a movie about it.

Williams helped shatter the myth that African American players weren’t smart enough to play under center. His Super Bowl win was a victory for Washington and a reminder that Black people can excel in any role if given the opportunity.

“You look at yourself in the mirror and you say, ‘you’re part of Black history,” Williams said to PIX11 News. “You really don’t look at it, but then the older you get, I think, you really realize that I did something that can never be done again.”

Williams is asked frequently about his prolific performance in the second quarter of Super Bowl XXII. He went nine for 11, for four touchdowns and 228 yards.

All of that, and his early years, will be told in an upcoming movie produced by Will Packer. No official release date has been announced for the film.

As for who should play the football legend in the flick? Williams said the only person that could look as good as him and play a younger version of himself would be his son Adrian. He’s also given an endorsement to actor and musician Jamie Foxx.