Throughout his electrifying young NBA career, Luka Doncic has never been shy. In the midst of his most prolific scoring season yet, that didn’t change Monday night against the Pistons.

Doncic poured in 53 points on 17-for-24 shooting from the field as Dallas pulled off a 111–105 home win. In the middle of it all, Doncic found time to talk some trash to the Pistons’ bench, commenting on the back-and-forth after the game by saying, “I ain’t scared.”

“It was their assistant coach. He started chirping in the first quarter,” Doncic said. “They didn’t like when I chirped back. They said, ‘Play basketball.’ If they’re going to chirp at me, I’m going to chirp back. I ain’t scared.”

It was Doncic’s fourth 50-point game of the season and fifth of his career, making him just the third NBA player in the past 50 years to have five such games in their first five seasons. The other two are Michael Jordan (17) and LeBron James (five), per ESPN Stats & Info.