The Bucks were set to enter the 2023–24 NBA season with not only question marks about the future of Giannis Antetokounmpo, but potentially very real concerns as well. The 28-year-old star has made it widely known with comments this offseason that winning a title is his number one priority and that he would be willing to pursue an opportunity outside of Milwaukee if he felt a championship was out of reach.

His approach to the topic, and the team’s inability to make a run in the postseason the past two seasons added significant pressure on this upcoming year. But after the Bucks struck a blockbuster trade for Damian Lillard, as ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski first reported, everything seemingly shifted in the matter of just minutes.

Belief surrounding Antetokounmpo’s likelihood to sign an extension with Milwaukee, which ESPN’s Brian Windhorst previously predicted wouldn’t happen, appears to have drastically changed.

And when the Lillard trade was first reported, the reactions relating to Giannis sticking in Milwaukee came from all sides of the internet.