In a tumultuous season for the Grizzlies, Memphis swingman Dillon Brooks has taken his place among the game's most prominent rabble-rousers.

Brooks has accrued 18 technical fouls this season, and is staring down his second suspension for technical foul accumulation of 2023. He has struck Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell in the groin, traded words with Warriors guard Klay Thompson and forward Draymond Green, and gleefully taunted the Mavericks’ bench Monday evening during the Grizzlies’ 112–108 win.

With his antagonism of the rest of the league at an all-time high, Brooks featured in a supremely awkward moment with Dallas guard Kyrie Irving after the victory.

Irving and Brooks appeared to exchange pleasantries afterward and seemed poised to swap jerseys. Irving, however, declined to take Brooks's jersey, leaving the Oregon product to roam FedEx Forum with two jerseys.

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The odd engagement came after Irving appeared to refer in-game to Brooks playing “dumba-- defense.” Irving collected 28 points for the Mavericks in defeat, including 20 in the first half.

With Memphis second in the Western Conference and Dallas bogged down in the race for a play-in spot, a postseason matchup between the two teams remains in play as the season winds to a close.