The Chiefs are on a road trip this week in Arizona where they are preparing to take on the Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. 

You think things would be nice and easy for Patrick Mahomes and Co. in the days leading up to their championship showdown, but they are dealing with something extremely relatable: an annoying commute to work each day. 

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer is in Arizona for Super Bowl week and provided a nugget about Kansas City’s bus rides:

I found this interesting, too—the Chiefs have to bus twice to get to practice. First, they’re going from their hotel in Scottsdale to Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, which is where their locker room is located. Then, they’re busing from the stadium to Arizona State’s practice facility nearby.

Why not practice at the stadium? I’d heard that’s for security reasons, to keep their work from prying eyes on campus. 

I'm sorry, but that has to get old pretty quick, even if they do get police escorts, as they likely do. 

Two bus rides each way!? Brutal. 

But at least they do get some privacy.