It’s October 3rd, as fans of the cult classic comedy Mean Girls have been reminding the internet all day long. 

But for the Twins, the day proved to grow into something so much more. 

For the first time in 19 years, Minnesota won a playoff game with a 3–1 victory over the Blue Jays on Tuesday in Game 1 of the American League wild-card series. The win marked the club’s first in the postseason since Oct. 5, 2004, snapping the longest streak of playoff futility in North American sports history. 

To commemorate the victory, apart from the joyous celebration on the field, the Twins dusted off an iconic Mean Girls reference, which coincidentally came out the same year the organization had notched its most recent postseason win. Replying to a tweet from earlier in the day that referred to Lindsay Lohan’s delivery of the line “On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was,” Minnesota responded in epic fashion.

“It’s the day we won our first playoff game in 19 years,” the team wrote.

Of course, the Twins will be looking to leave more than a one-day imprint on this year’s MLB playoffs. Minnesota has its sights set much higher, beginning with trying to close out the wild-card series and advancing to the ALDS. 

From there, the Twins will try to prove that the limit on their season does not exist ... or at least ends with hoisting the Commissioner’s Trophy after a World Series victory.