Jayson Tatum took the most classic joke used towards comedian Kevin Hart and added his own twist to it when the two hung out for Hart’s Cold As Balls interview series.

Hart, who is 5’ 2”, is often poked fun at for his height, especially when he’s next to an NBA star like Tatum, who is 6’ 11”. 

When the Celtics forward appeared on the LOL Network show, Tatum made sure to bring a perfect gift. He pulled out a Celtics jersey to give Hart one of his own, only it wasn’t a Tatum jersey. It was actually one of Tatum’s five-year-old son Deuce. 

The star forward thought it “might fit” the actor and, as it turned out, Tatum was right.

Check out the hilarious moment when Hart tries on the jersey.

Tatum never confirmed what size the jersey actually was, but Hart asked if it was a “2T” children’s size. Regardless, Hart didn’t seem too peeved about the gift, going as far to say that he wouldn’t “disrespect it” because it was Deuce’s.