Charles Barkley appeared on The Bird and Taurasi Show during the 2023 women’s national title game on Sunday and didn’t hold back his thoughts on what WNBA players go through in comparison to other sports leagues.

While speaking with WNBA legends Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi, the NBA legend called out American companies for not investing more in the WNBA, because, otherwise, the players could earn enough money to not have to play in international leagues in the offseason.

“The WNBA is a great product but y’all should not have to do to these crap countries to make money,” Barkley said. “These American companies should put y’all in commercials, they should partner with y’all. ... I’m asking these American companies to step up so y’all don’t have to go play in these other countries.”

Barkley reiterated his feelings by expressing how he doesn’t get how some NBA players earn more sponsorship deals than superstar WNBA players.

“I don’t understand why these companies haven’t been partnering with y’all for years and years,” Barkley said. “You ladies should be on commercials everywhere. We put bad NBA players in commercials before some of y’all superstars. That’s what makes me mad. I’d love to have Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi on commercials. I’m not going to call out some of the bad NBA players we got in commercials but y’all know who they are.”

In 2023, the highest average WNBA salary is held by Aces guard Jackie Young as she makes $252,450 per year, according to Spotrac. Taurasi ranks third in the league with a $234,936 salary. But, in comparison, the highest-paid NBA star is Warriors guard Steph Curry, who will earn $48,070,014 this season.