An absolutely hilarious exchange took place during NFL Network’s coverage of the owners meetings in Arizona.

During the segment, which featured colleagues Tom Pelissero, Ian Rapoport and Steve Wyche, Pelissero absolutely obliterated Rapport with a jab regarding his height. In their discussion of free agent wideout Odell Beckham Jr. being present at the meetings, Pelissero went off script with the comment, “Big time receiver …  some of us are small time insiders who are standing on a box to look the same height as the other guys.”

Rapport took the shot in stride, simply replying, “No shame.”

Wyche quickly responded by pointing out that he was the only one not standing on a box.

The dig didn’t end there as Pelissero asked Rapoport to step down off the box to which Rapport kindly responded by saying “I’m not embarrassed by the way, I am on a box.”

It does not seem as if there’s any animosity between the two, but this wisecrack by Pelissero was more than just a simple one-liner.

In his true professionalism, Rapoport took the comments in stride.