WEST MONROE, La.(KTVE/KARD) — We are now officially less than a month out from the Olympics. For some teams, trials have been held and their rosters solidified. For others like Team USA’s Gymnastics team, trials are being held this week through the weekend.

Though there are plenty of doubts about whether the games should be happening in the first place, and the restrictions allegedly being placed on Olympians are concerning. There are also many angry about Laurel Hubbard the first transgender Olympian. Despite these controversies, concerns and anxieties surrounding Tokyo 2020, there is still plenty of reason for excitement.

The US Women’s soccer team and Men’s basketball team’s rosters became finalized yesterday. The Women’s Basketball team has been finalized as well and features plenty of star power.

Other reasons to be excited include finally getting to see Simone Biles perform on the national stage. There’s also the speed and swagger of Sha’Carri Richardson, the rugged determination from Simone Manuel, Katie Ledecky, Trayvon Bromell and Allyson Felix, and the polarizing star power of Kevin Durant.

For LSU fans, there is also plenty of rooting interest in the Olympics this year between Track and Field, Swimming and Gymnastics.