TOKYO (NEXSTAR) – Although the Tokyo Olympics are just getting underway, the future of the games is also top of mind. 

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially announced that with a 72-5 vote, Brisbane, Australia will host the 2032 summer games.

“Those young Australians who might aspire to represent their country now aspire to do so on home soil, which is a rare privilege,” said Australian Senator Richard Colbeck.

Australian leaders say this is a victory for their mid-sized city. 

“We have a new model which downsizes the budget for hosting the Olympics, but supersizes the benefits,” said Adam Schrinner, Brisbane Lord Mayor.

The process to give the spot to Brisbane has been in the works for years. But back in February, the IOC named Brisbane as its preferred bidder, and every other city in the running dropped out.

This marks the third time an Australian city will host the Olympics, following Melbourne in 1956 and Sydney in 2000.

Australian leaders say bringing the games to Brisbane has been on their minds for decades.

“It’s something that our state and city has always aspired to, but we never thought was possible,” said Annastacia Palaszuck, Queensland Premier.

Brisbane resident and Olympic super fan, Brad Bultman, says he can’t wait for the world to experience his home. 

“To live in Brisbane, they’ve been putting skyscrapers left and right. For them to win this is huge.  Because they’re continuing to invest in the city,” said Bultman.

Before we get to Brisbane in 2032, there will be five other Olympic games, including Los Angeles in 2028.