PORTSMOUTH (WAVY) – I’ve been in the commonwealth since January of 2021. Only two years and three months, but pretty early on I understood the significance of the PIT.

It’s the premiere college basketball postseason tournament for senior players. Look on the short list of names that have come through over the years that could have been considered “under the radar” coming out of college but went on to have hall of fame, or incredibly successful, careers in the NBA and beyond. Names like Scottie Pippen, John Stockton, Dennis Rodman, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, Rick Barry are just a few that come to my mind immediately. There are dozens of more that you can look up.

It’s a great event and has been for a long time but this season, the selection committee made a mistake.

As of Friday night, April 8th, Norfolk State’s Joe Bryant Jr. hadn’t received an official invited from the committee, rather chosen as an alternate for the game.

For many reasons, that’s unacceptable. I explain in the two minute video above.