TOKYO (NEXSTAR) — It’s safe to say Adam Bobrow is one of the most colorful commentators at the Tokyo Olympics. And when you see him, you’ll understand why.

“I love table tennis and I want to help the world love it.”

Bobrow is an announcer as well as a competitive table tennis player.

“As a commentator, I don’t see my job as just calling the games, I create the story. I get to find the context, I get to help people care about the athletes and get them emotionally invested.”

Bobrow’s love of the sport started when he was a kid.

“My dad played ping pong with me on the driveway and he did things that I never imagined possible.”

And now Bobrow is redefining what’s possible. His nickname, “Snakeman,” comes from one of his signature moves which are almost as memorable as his signature look.

“Visually, colors to me, vibrant colors excite me, they make me feel happy, a sign of life and friendliness.”

All of that translates into the way he calls the action and he hopes to capture the attention of the world one set and one match at a time.

“For the rest of the world, it’s once every four years, they’re flipping through the channels and they’re like ‘woah, ping pong’s in the Olympics, when did that start?’”

The Tokyo Olympics games are officially underway and will continue until August 8.