GALAX, Va. (WFXR) — Galax is the next stop on our Hardee’s Friday Night Blitz preview as we check in on the Maroon Tide.

Shane Allen enters his 4th season as head coach coming off 7-4 season with 13 straight playoff appearances with a loss in the Region 1C semifinals. A couple of streaks ended in 2022 for Galax … the string of 7 straight regional titles as well as their run of three consecutive state title game berths. The team is refocused to return to their great post season runs.

“Our guys were after the loss you know some of our guys were used to going that far, and they kind off got off the gas a little bit and they though it was always going to happen,” said head coach Shane Allen. “So it was a good reality check for us. I think our guys picked it up in the weight room in the off season and in the summer. So I am hoping it is a good motivator for us. You know we have to get back to where we used to be.”

“So last year I think we had a pretty good year. We still have that bad taste in our mouth from last year. Everyone is kind off using that as motivation for this year,” said senior A.J. Ashworth.

“I think we kind off switch up things on offense a little bit by running the Wildcat and teams didn’t really expect that and didn’t know what to do to stop that. So I think switching things up will be a good thing for us year,” said senior Ayden White.