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Which witch costumes are best?

While the popularity of many Halloween costumes may rise or fall depending on movies, TV shows and other factors, there are a handful that you can count on seeing every year. These all-time greats include vampires, cats, pirates, superheroes, ghosts, princesses, and, arguably, the most popular of all, witches.

However, with so many types available, it’s challenging to find the best one. Do you want something scary, something glamorous or something fun? This guide will help you quickly zero in on the best witch costume for you.

Types of witch costumes

The witch is an iconic Halloween image. However, there are many variations on the costume.


A gothic witch costume features a long, flowing and possibly hooded robe. It might also include a cloak or a velvety dress, something that brings to mind medieval times. This is the type of witch you find performing sacred rituals by the light of the harvest moon.


Pop culture has stylized our view of witches. You could be a good witch like Glinda from the “Wizard of Oz,†or the Wicked Witch of the West. “Hocus Pocus,†“Harry Potter†and “Maleficent†all offer inspiration for instantly recognizable options. You could even turn to Marvel and trick-or-treat as the Scarlet Witch.


Some witches take great pride in looking scary. These costumes revolve around a hideous mask that may feature a long and crooked nose, green skin, glowing eyes or some other creepy feature.


Not all witches are scary and up to no good. Some are just cute and enjoy being who they are. These costumes are often colorful and come with a fun accessory like a sparkly wand. Some costumes may even light up.


For the adult, witch costumes can focus on the glamour of being a mystical being. The best options are fun and flirty, alluring enough to draw your victim close enough so you can cast a powerful spell.

Features to consider when buying a witch costume

Size and fit

Size is crucial when buying a witch costume. But even more important is the fit. If the cut is too restricting or too loose, the costume won’t be as much fun to wear. Order your costume early enough so you can check the fit before the big event.


Colors become important if you will be wearing the costume at night while walking from house to house. An all-black costume can make you invisible to traffic. If you will be wearing the costume in the dark, go for bright colors or add some reflective tape to make sure people can see you.


Some witch costumes come with wands and brooms and hats. While these might be great for parties and classrooms, if you are trick-or-treating, handheld accessories might get in the way.


If you are a kid, you may only wear your costume once, so it only has to be durable enough to get through the season. But if you want a witch’s outfit that you can wear year after year or hand down to younger children or cousins, spend a little more to get a quality costume.

Comfort and visibility

You need a costume that lets you move and see. If you are tripping over a long robe or the hat falls over your eye, your costume isn’t safe. Make sure you can safely do everything you need to do while wearing your witch costume.


October can be cold. Look for a costume that lets you layer up beneath if needed. Or, look for one that comes with its own built-in warmth, like a hooded robe.

Best witch costumes this Halloween

Best Spooktacular Creations Light-Up Witch Costume

Spooktacular Creations Light-Up Witch Costume
This kids’ Halloween costume comes with a hat, a light-up tutu skirt, a magic wand and more. It is a fun and colorful outfit that is made of 100% polyester.

Sold by Amazon

Best Disguise Story Book Witch

Disguise Story Book Witch
If your kid wants to be a good witch, this adorable costume is the answer. The crushed-velvet dress features an apron with a black cat design and the costume comes with a hat.

Sold by Amazon

Best Wesprex Cauldron Witch Costume

Wesprex Cauldron Witch Costume
This kids’ witch costume includes a purple and black dress, a matching hat and a magic wand. It is made from durable polyester and fits true to size.

Sold by Amazon

Best Disguise Hermione Granger Costume

Disguise Hermione Granger Costume
Hermione is one of the most recognizable witches in the cinematic world. This authentic-looking costume is ideal for kids who love Harry Potter. The cloak includes a felt Gryffindor patch and features a shiny satin lining.

Sold by Amazon

Best Leg Avenue Women's Two-piece Storybook Witch Costume

Leg Avenue Women’s Two-piece Storybook Witch Costume
Adults will love this storybook witch costume. The gorgeous full-length glittered tulle dress and matching hat are an attention-getting combination.

Sold by Amazon

Best Secret Wishes Marvel Avengers- Endgame Scarlet Witch Adult Costume

Secret Wishes Marvel “Avengers: Endgame†Scarlet Witch Adult Costume
Channel your intentions to make it the best Halloween ever with an officially licensed, adult Marvel ”Avengers: Endgame” costume. It comes with a long-sleeve burgundy jacket, black faux-leather bottoms and fingerless gloves.

Sold by Amazon

Best Spooktacular Creations Hooded Velvet Cloak

Spooktacular Creations Hooded Velvet Cloak
For a quick and easy adult costume, consider this hooded cloak. It is a versatile, one-size-fits-most item that is suitable for any holiday party situation.

Sold by Amazon

Best Forum Novelties Women's Wicked Witch Costume

Forum Novelties Women’s Wicked Witch Costume
This is the classic adult witch outfit that remains in style year after year. It features jagged hemlines, bell sleeves and a waist sash. The hat, however, is sold separately.

Sold by Amazon

Best Adult Winifred Sanderson Hocus Pocus Costume

Adult Winifred Sanderson Hocus Pocus Costume
If you are a fan of ”Hocus Pocus”, this officially licensed adult Winifred Sanderson costume will be a winner. Just put it on and you’re free to run amok!

Sold by Amazon

Best PartyHop Old Woman Witch Mask

PartyHop Old Woman Witch Mask
Looking for a (fun) scary mask? This latex model is a solid option. There are eye holes, nostril holes and a mouth hole for airflow. The mask is not for children under 3 years old.

Sold by Amazon

Best Hooded Cloak Witch Costume for Cat or Small Dog

Hooded Cloak Witch Costume for Cat or Small Dog
If your cat or dog wants to partake in the festivities this year, this adorable cape and hat are perfect for the occasion.

Sold by Amazon


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