Save money on festive fall décor with these affordable wreaths

Hanging a wreath on the front door is an easy way to make your home look and feel festive for fall. As the season changes and nature starts to wind down, taking the time to decorate can be a relaxing way to celebrate autumn and all its upcoming holidays. Add wreaths to your door, your fireplace, your dining room wall, or even your candles to make your home feel cozy throughout.

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What to look for in a fall wreath

Whether you’re decorating your front door or your mantel, measure your space to make sure you buy a wreath that’s the right size. Most are between 18 to 24 inches in diameter. A wreath that’s too big may be too heavy or bulky, while an undersized wreath won’t have the right impact.

Fall wreaths often feature red, orange and yellow leaves typical to the season, but it’s possible to branch out with wreaths made with artificial berries, late-season flowers, or twigs and pinecones. Some even have LED lights incorporated. (Just make sure you have the right batteries for them.)

Wreaths rarely include mounting hardware, so make sure you have a wreath hanger to properly display it over your door.

How to make your wreath last longer

Be prepared for your wreath to need some finishing touches upon arrival. Since wreaths are often shipped in a compressed format to protect them, yours will most likely need to be “fluffed up” and some twigs and wires pulled into place before it looks ready to display.

If your wreath is made with materials that are prone to shedding, try misting the branches with hairspray to hold them together. If you need to reattach part of a wreath, glue it back into place using a glue gun, holding the piece with tweezers if you need better positioning.

Few artificial wreaths can withstand direct sun or autumn weather without bleaching or shedding, so plan to hang your fall wreath indoors or under a covered porch. If it’s going to be on an exposed front door, look for a weatherproof wreath.

How to store fall wreaths

Even if they’re not made with natural materials, wreaths are inherently fragile and need to be stored carefully to prevent them from being crushed or broken. In the off-season, store your wreath in specialized wreath boxes or ordinary cardboard boxes. This will help the wreath retain its shape, especially if it has bows or fragile accents.

If you have space on a garage or closet wall, consider storing your wreath in a plastic or canvas bag and hanging it up. Wrapping it in a storage bag will protect it from dust, while storing it on a wall helps ensure it’s easy to find next year.

Best fall wreaths under $25


Fall Wreath on wall with fall candles and glass pumpkin on table below

Bibelot 20-Inch Fall Wreath

This wreath is decorated with yellow paper flowers, making it a lovely pick for fans of more floral wreaths. It also features a seasonal wired ribbon bow. Note that this wreath is not weatherproof and should be hung up in a protected area.

Fall Wreath on door

Blessings and Boxwood Fall Wreath

This petite wreath, decorated with artificial maple leaves and vines, is a festive choice for smaller areas or for decorating a pillar candle. It measures about 9 inches across and has a 3.5-inch opening, large enough for standard pillar candles.

Fall Eucaplytus Wreath on front door

VioletEverGarden Fall Eucaplytus Wreath

This wreath features whimsical orange and yellow sprays of handmade, abstract eucalyptus branches. It measures 20 inches across and comes with a removable wooden “Welcome” sign, which can be used any time of year. 

Twinkle Star Halloween Lighted Wreath on window

Twinkle Star Autumn Wreath

Featuring pumpkins, pinecones, leaves and berries, it measures about 16 inches in diameter and is made with natural rattan vine and polyester.

Harvest Orange Pumpkins and Sunflowers Wreath

Harvest Orange Pumpkins and Sunflowers Wreath

This handcrafted wreath is loaded with silk maple leaves, sunflowers, pumpkins and more. It’s realistic-looking and large, measuring 25 inches in diameter.

Birch Leaf and Berry Fall Wreath on front door

WreathDream Birch Leaf and Berry 20-Inch Fall Wreath

Fluff up this wreath and enjoy sprays of lifelike yellow leaves sprinkled with red berries. This handmade wreath expands nicely so it looks full on your door or over the fireplace.

Eucalyptus and white Pumpkin Wreath on white background

Harvest Eucalyptus and Pumpkin Wreath

If you prefer more muted decorations for fall, try this green and white wreath made with artificial eucalyptus sprigs and small pumpkins. Its lifelike, natural colors look welcoming on a front door or in a dining room.

Fall Wreath hanging on wooden door

Mini Putka Pod Fall Wreath

This 8-inch grapevine wreath is adorned with putka pods, a seed pod that resembles miniature pumpkins. It comes with a braided jute cord for easy hanging.

Orange and yellow fall wreath

J’Floru 20-Inch Fall Wreath

Packed with daisies, fall leaves and sprays of berries, this wreath looks festive whether it’s the first day of fall or Thanksgiving. It’s recommended for indoor use, so hang it over your fireplace or in a window.

Orange and yellow fall paper wreath

Fall Paper Wreath DIY Craft Kit

This kit lets you make family memories along with your own festive decoration. It comes with pre-cut paper flowers and leaves along with a 6-inch kraft board wreath frame and twine for hanging.

Fall Wreath with Gooseberries on white background

Vgia 18-Inch Fall Wreath with Gooseberries

This delicate wreath fluffs up to an 18-inch diameter to show off faux leaves, grass, berries and gooseberries in shades of green, gold and orange. Hang it up indoors or in a sheltered outdoor area.

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