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Which cable management box is best?

Are you stressed out by the tangle of wires behind your desk or entertainment center? The mess of cords from a computer, monitor, printer, lamp, phone docking station, television, gaming console and more can really add up. If you have cords strewn across your desk and onto the floor, you’re looking at not only a major eyesore but also a potential fire hazard. 

Streamline your cords and banish cable mess with a cable management box. Cable management boxes hold your power strips and cords to create a tidy space and neat aesthetic and neutralize the hazard posed by exposed electrical connections. Plus, they protect your cables from damage. The Bluelounge Cable and Cord Management System is among the most sturdy and attractive cable management boxes. 

What to know before you buy a cable management box 


Cable management boxes come in a variety of designs, ranging from chic black boxes, which blend in with gaming or entertainment stations, to clean white boxes with wooden lids to blend in with modern minimalist spaces.

If you plan to place your cable management box under your television stand or behind your desk, you won’t need to worry too much about design. However, if you plan to keep your cable management box on your desk to shelter and hide cables from view, choose a design that matches your personal style. Some boxes come in multiple colors to work in all spaces. 

Materials and construction 

high end wooden options

Cable boxes are primarily made from plastic, though high-end wooden options exist. In addition, some cable boxes have lids manufactured from bamboo for a refined aesthetic. 

Opt for durable cable boxes made from high quality, scratch-resistant plastic and indicated to disperse heat for proper ventilation. It’s also a good idea to select a box that sits on rubber feet, which keeps the box stationary and allows heat to vent from the bottom of the box. 


Cable management boxes are available in a variety of sizes. Many manufacturers offer multiple options for box sizes, so you can select the solution that fits best in your space and meets your needs. For instance, larger cable management boxes can hold multiple power strips and cables and are a good option if space isn’t an issue and you have many wires to conceal.

Opt for a compact cable box if you’re planning to display your cable management box on your desk to house laptop cords and phone chargers. If you’re planning to tuck your cable management box behind your entertainment station, measure how much space you’ll have in length and height for a cable management box. 

What to look for in a quality cable management box

Proper ventilation 

To avoid the hazards associated with cords and power strips overheating, select a cable management box that dissipates heat through proper ventilation. 

Almost all cable management boxes are designed with this functionality in mind, but it’s also essential that you select a model large enough to handle the cords and power bricks you intend to house inside. Even if designed for proper ventilation, a cramped box will cause an overheating hazard. 


A quality cable management box will feature a cover, which is snug enough to securely house your cords and prevent dust from entering the box. Select a model whose lid fastens into place rather than slides around. This is especially important if there are children or pets in your household.

You should also avoid brands whose reviews indicate that the lids are difficult to remove. You’ll need to be able to easily remove the lid to access your cords and power strips. 

Access points

Cable management boxes feature various access points for cables to exit through. You’ll likely need access points on both sides of your cable management box as well as one or two on top for your phone, Apple Watch, or AirPod charger to fit through. If this is a priority for you, select a model which indicates it has charger access points included.  


Many cable management boxes feature additional accessories for wrangling your cords, such as cord clips and floor cable sleeve covers.

How much you can expect to spend on a cable management box

Cable management boxes range from simple budget options at around $10 to high-end boxes manufactured from wood for up to $40. A standard cable box with high-quality construction and all standard features will cost $15-$30. 

Cable management box FAQ

Are cable management boxes compatible with phones? 

A. Yes, many cable management boxes are designed to double as a USB hub or charging station for your phone. Look for a cable management box that features access points on top and a large, flat surface big enough to rest your devices on. Be sure to select a model that looks nice on your desk or whatever surface you intend to display it on while you charge your devices.  

Q. Are cable management boxes safe for use around children and pets? 

A. While some cable management boxes feature secured and child-proof lids, others have lids that easily slide on and off. Check the manufacturer’s indications of whether the box is child and pet-safe. Your cable management box will help keep electrical connections hidden from pets and children, but you should still have supervision for safety.

What’s the best cable management box to buy? 

Top cable management box 

Bluelounge Cable and Cord Management System

Bluelounge Cable and Cord Management System

What you need to know: This is a large cable management box ideal for housing multiple power strips and cables under your entertainment station or beside your gaming setup.

What you’ll love: An attractive and chic black matte box made from durable, flame-resistant plastic. Available in multiple colors and fits nicely in with a variety of decors. Fits large surge protectors. 

What you should consider: This cable management box is more expensive than others, but it’s also much larger. Because of its size, it won’t fit nicely on a desk.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top cable management box for the money

D Line Cable Management Box

D-Line Cable Management Box

What you need to know:  A well-priced, simple oval-shaped cable management box with rear access points for a neat look.

What you’ll love: Available in multiple colors. Ventilation holes prevent overheating. A reliable, basic solution for taming cords. 

What you should consider: Compared to other, more expensive models, some users find the plastic on this box too thin or flimsy. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

DMoose Cable Management Box

DMoose Cable Management Box

What you need to know: A highly stylish and functional cable management box ideal for use on desks or in other highly visible areas. 

What you’ll love: This box’s chic design makes it an obvious choice for anyone curating a space with good aesthetics in mind. Looks nice with hardwood floors. Features fire-resistant plastic and ventilation. Multiple access points and a curved top for housing devices. 

What you should consider: The large black DMoose logo takes away from the simple beauty of this box.  

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 


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