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Which hanging fruit basket is best?

If you’re looking for a functional but attractive way to store your fruit, a hanging fruit basket saves countertop space while adding a decorative element to your kitchen by showcasing your colorful produce. With their easy access to wholesome fruit, these hanging baskets are also a great way to encourage healthy eating habits in your household. 

Traditional hanging fruit baskets hang from a ceiling hook and typically feature one to three tiers. You can also find wall-mountable ones like the Culinary Couture Three-Tier Hanging Wire Basket, which can also be stacked on your countertop.

What to know before you buy a hanging fruit basket


Hanging fruit baskets are made from a variety of materials: wire, wicker, wood, cotton twine or porcelain. 

  • Wire baskets are typically made of iron, carbon steel or copper. They are lightweight and allow air to circulate around your produce, which slows deterioration. 
  • Wicker baskets offer an authentic look and are made of woven jute, rattan or Narra. While they may not allow as much aeration as wire baskets, many users find them more attractive. 
  • Wood hanging baskets won’t leave marks on your fruit that wire or wicker baskets can. They aren’t as common, however, and are pricey. 
  • Cotton twine baskets can either come in knotted macrame or twisted strands in a hammock style. This material adds a bohemian flair to the kitchen. 
  • Porcelain hanging baskets use ceramic dishes or bowls as baskets. Another less common option is enamel bowls used as baskets, and some feature perforations similar to that of colanders. 

Whatever material basket you store your fruit in, it’s always a good idea to wash your fruit with a fruit and vegetable wash before eating. 

Design and shape

Hanging fruit baskets are both a practical and aesthetic addition to your kitchen, and they come in a variety of shapes and styles. For instance, baskets with flat bases present your fruit on a platter. Pod-shaped baskets offer a more modern look. For a more utilitarian and rectangular style, you can find stackable baskets that require a wall mount. There are hammock-style twine baskets as well as wire ones. And, of course, the classic style that features bowl-shaped hanging baskets. 


Hanging fruit baskets have one to three tiers, though some have up to five. More tiers mean more storage opportunities. Many hanging baskets feature tiers of different sizes (ascending from largest to smallest). In addition to saving space, a hanging basket with different tiers also offers organization. For instance, you can place potatoes and onions on the bottom tier, fruits in the middle and garlic on the top. 


For hanging a basket on a wall, you’ll need to consider your wall space and the size of the baskets. Wall-mounted baskets also jut out, so you’ll need to consider the area.

For baskets that hang from the ceiling, you’ll want to pay more attention to their length. If they’re too short, you won’t be able to reach them; if they’re too long, they’ll hang too low.

What to look for in a quality hanging fruit basket


Some wire baskets require that you clip or hook them together, so you may need small pliers to do so. Macrame styles may require tying knots. Check to see what assembly is required before buying a hanging basket. 


Another factor in setting up your hanging basket is mounting. Baskets that hang from the ceiling may or may not come with a ceiling hook. If you don’t already have a ceiling hook, installing one can be tricky and requires tools and a ladder. Wall mounting also requires a drill. The screws and mounting hardware are generally included. 


Fruit can get moldy, so you want to keep your baskets clean. Wire baskets are the easiest to keep clean and can be hand-washed or even thrown in the dishwasher. Always check the manufacturer’s care instructions. Other materials, such as macrame and wicker, can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


Select hanging fruit baskets come with S-hooks to hang bananas. These hooks are often removable and hang off the bottom tier. If you’re not a fan of bananas, they can also be used to hang keys. 

How much you can expect to spend on a hanging fruit basket

Hanging fruit baskets cost between $14-$90. High-end baskets can cost upward of $100. 

Hanging fruit baskets FAQ

What’s the best fruit to store in a hanging fruit basket?

A. We recommend using your hanging basket to store hard fruits and vegetables, such as apples, lemons, bell peppers, onions and garlic. Softer fruits, such as bananas, kiwis or avocados, can also be stored in high-quality fruit baskets that don’t dent or scar their sensitive skins. 

Do hanging baskets help fruit ripen? 

A. Produce exposed to fresh air actually ripens slower. However, fruit ripens when exposed to heat, so placing your hanging basket in direct sunlight may help increase your fruits’ temperature. However, the light itself won’t affect the ripening process. 

What’s the best hanging fruit basket to buy?

Top hanging fruit basket

Culinary Couture Three-Tier Hanging Wire Basket

Culinary Couture Three-Tier Hanging Wire Basket

What you need to know: This versatile three-tiered model can be mounted on a wall or stacked on a countertop. 

What you’ll love: Each tier comes with a detachable chalkboard for labeling. The heavy-duty iron construction can hold up to 50 pounds. The large tiers are a uniform size and detachable. It comes with five S-hooks for hanging bananas. 

What you should consider: This model can’t be hung from a ceiling. You’ll need either wall or cabinet space to mount it or countertop space to rest it on. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top hanging fruit basket for the money

Fox Run Three-Tier Copper Kitchen Hanging Fruit Basket

Fox Run Three-Tier Copper Kitchen Hanging Fruit Basket

What you need to know: For a cheap hanging fruit basket, this copper one looks great and is an instant classic. 

What you’ll love: The three-tiered basket is designed to hang from a ceiling and is a space saver. The pretty wire has a delicate copper finish but is made from durable iron. The bottom tier can hold 5 pounds of potatoes. 

What you should consider: It’s best to anchor the ceiling hook in a stud to keep the basket from crashing down. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

SnugLife Macrame Three-Tier Hanging Basket

SnugLife Macrame Three-Tier Hanging Basket 

What you need to know: This stylish, boho macrame basket adds a statement to your kitchen decor. 

What you’ll love: In its entirety, the basket can hold 15 pounds of fruit. The macrame basket is handmade yet durable. The three tiers can also double as hanging planters. 

What you should consider: The baskets are smaller than other options. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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