What are the best Singles’ Day T-shirts?

Singles’ Day is an unofficial holiday that started in China. It takes place on Nov. 11 each year. The ones in the date (11/11) represent the single population. Nanjing University students kicked off the holiday in the 1990s, and it has since grown into the single largest online shopping extravaganza. It is typically observed by spending money on a luxury item that will make you happy.

Like most holidays, there are tons of clothing items and memorabilia made specifically for Singles’ Day, though a lot of it is in Mandarin. The Single Definition Shirt is one of the best shirts for Singles’ Day because it is both handmade and brimming with the sarcasm and the spirit of the single life.

What to know before you buy a T-shirt for Singles’ Day

Does the person you are shopping for appreciate the humor? 

Singles’ Day Awareness shirt

Many Singles’ Day shirts are humorous or sarcastic. When it comes to clothing, everyone has preferences and lifestyles. While some people will adore the hilarious messages found on many Singles’ Day T-shirts, they might be a turnoff instead for some people, especially professionals who need to keep a clean appearance. On the other hand, some Singles’ Day T-shirts are less provocative, like the Singles’ Day Awareness shirt. It’s always important to consider what the person wearing the gift will think of the message on the front of the shirt.

Does the person you are shopping for know what Singles’ Day is? 

Despite many Western companies taking advantage of the profit potential of Singles’ Day, the day hasn’t fully penetrated the Western Hemisphere yet. While the Chinese — as well as those in many other Asian countries — celebrate Singles’ Day, those who aren’t familiar with the holiday could easily be confused. Many Singles’ Day shirts could also double as Valentine’s Day shirts for people who are single.

Does the person you are shopping for wanting to be in a relationship? 

Singles’ Day is a little confusing in that many people who celebrate the day actually want to be in a relationship. People’s views on being single vary, though. Some people tout the benefits and freedom of not being in a relationship, while others lament that they have to spend another year without a significant other. Singles’ Day is all-encompassing, and anyone who is single can enjoy the holiday if they want.

What to look for in a quality Best T-shirt for Singles’ Day


Singles’ Day T-shirts have messages that vary from tame to sarcastic to suggestive. There are tons of shirts on the market that celebrate being single, so finding the shirt with the right message is important. Similarly, it may not be wise to buy a shirt with a reference to alcohol for a teenager, but such a shirt might be great for the right adult.

Color options 

Most Singles’ Day T-shirts come in many different colors. Conventional colors are available, but many heather options are available as well. Heather refers to a muted color that is created by combining different fabrics. One example could be a redshirt with specks of black in it due to having red and black fabric mixed into one yarn. Heather options increase the range of colors available and add a complexity that some people prefer over solid colors.


When buying a T-shirt, it is important to consider what materials are used. This will affect the overall quality of the T-shirt, as well as its wash or care requirements. Most Singles’ Day shirts are made of polyester and/or cotton. Usually, it is best to wash polyester or cotton shirts inside out in cold water. It is best to avoid directly washing or ironing the design on the front, and you should not dry-clean them.

Best T-shirt for Singles’ Day FAQ

Is Singles’ Day for men or for women?

A. Singles’ Day can be celebrated by anyone. Some East Asian countries like China, Korea and Taiwan do have separate Valentine’s Days for men and women, but Singles’ Day is unrelated to those days.

Do Western companies have Singles’ Day Sales? 

A. While Alibaba is the lead Singles’ Day retailer, many Western companies have gotten on board with Singles’ Day sales. Companies like The North Face, Amazon, iHerb and others have already listed Singles’ Day sales for 2021, and more and more retailers are joining in every year.

What’s the best T-shirt for Singles’ Day to buy?

Top T-shirt for Singles’ Day 

Single Definition Shirt

Single Definition Shirt

What you need to know: This is a hilarious shirt made for people proud to be single that anyone can wear.

What you’ll love: There are both unisex and women’s options. Choose from black, white or heather color options. This shirt is sarcastic and perfect for Singles’ Day, but also appropriate for any audience.

What you should consider: The fitting might be slightly large for some people, so it might be wise to contact the seller before buying.

Where to buy: Sold on Etsy.

Top T-shirt for Singles’ Day for the money

V is for Vodka Shirt

V is for Vodka Shirt

What you need to know: This is the perfect Singles’ Day shirt for people who want to have a drink while flaunting their singlehood.

What you’ll love: There are tons of colors to choose from, including solids and heathers. Each shirt is handmade and receives a professional-grade heat press. Vodka and alcohol lovers will find this shirt perfect for Singles’ Day. 

What you should consider: Despite having youth sizing options, the shirt might not be appropriate for those under the legal drinking age.

Where to buy: Sold on Etsy.

Worth checking out

Yes, I'm Single Shirt

Yes, I’m Single Shirt

What you need to know: This is the ultimate handmade Singles’ Day shirt for people who are seeking a relationship. Show the world that you are still available and looking for love while keeping a sense of humor.

What you’ll love: There are solid and heather colors available. The unisex options make this shirt perfect for men and women.

What you should consider: There are not quite as many color options as the other T-shirts on the list.

Where to buy: Sold on Etsy.

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