Which men’s shacket is best? 

The shacket, otherwise known as a shirt-jacket or overshirt, is a versatile, stylish and functional outdoor wardrobe essential. Whether you need something to sport during early morning hikes or evening bonfires, a shacket can provide the warmth and comfort you need. Usually made from fleece, flannel, wool or a unique blend, shackets can be worn as a top layer or a middle layer under a heavier coat. There are even shackets that are specially designed to be worn as an outer layer or specific conditions, resulting in options with waxy waterproof exteriors and others with insulated interiors. With so many options to choose from, finding the best shacket for your needs can be a challenge. 

Our top pick is the Outerknown Blanket Shirt. With the word “blanket” in its name, it will be warm enough to wear as outerwear, but it’s also casual enough to wear as an everyday shirt.

What to know before you buy a men’s shacket 


One of the first things to consider when buying a shacket is whether you want something to wear exclusively on the interior or exterior or something that’s more versatile. If you want to use your new shacket as your outermost layer, consider a jacket with a canvas, waxed or synthetic exterior. If you want to wear your shacket as an internal layer, avoid the aforementioned materials and look for pure wool, cotton or a similar natural fiber. 

If you want superb warmth, you might want to consider a shacket with a thin layer of down or flannel insulation. Alternatively, if you want something that can be used as an internal or external layer, look for shackets with tight knits that will provide protection from the elements.  

Intended use 

If you want to use it for demanding outdoor activities, like hiking or camping, look for shackets with durable materials and a roomy, but not oversized fit. If your shacket is too large, it’s more likely to snag on branches or tools. On the other hand, if you’re in the market for a shacket that provides warmth and style above all else, consider options with trimmed hems that accentuate your shoulders, or neat pleats that provide visual appeal. 

What to look for in a quality shacket

Sustainably sourced materials 

Whether you choose wool, cotton, corduroy or something else entirely, keep an eye out for shackets with sustainably and ethically sourced materials. In addition to the benefits sustainably and ethically sourced materials provide to the climate and factory workers, materials that meet these standards tend to be high-quality and longer-lasting. 

Lots of pockets 

There’s no such thing as too many pockets, and one of the best aspects of a shacket is that it gives you the functionality of a jacket without all of the bulk. High-quality shackets will come with a variety of internal and external pockets that give you ample space to store essentials like your phone, sunglasses or keys. Keep an eye out for shackets that are equipped with specialty pockets, such as those with fleece linings that are meant for glasses or phones. 

How much you can expect to spend on a shacket

A good quality shacket that doesn’t break the bank will cost between $40-$80, while higher-end or designer options can cost over $150. 

Shacket FAQ

What is a bi-swing back? 

A. A bi-swing back is a style of over-garment that includes two deep pleats on the backside that extend all the way from the shoulders to the hem, instead of one. This design allows for maximum mobility, even with numerous layers. 

Is wool or flannel warmer? 

A. Flannel is commonly mistaken for a fabric of its own. However, unlike wool and cotton, flannel is a type of loose weave that can be made from nearly any material, whether it be wool, cotton or cashmere. That being said, flannel tends to be either wool or cotton, and in both cases, likely won’t be as warm as a tight-knit wool weave. Because flannel is loose-knit, it doesn’t offer much protection from the wind. 

What’s the best Shacket to buy?

Top Shacket

Outerknown Blanket Shirt

Outerknown Blanket Shirt

What you need to know: As the name implies, this shacket is supremely comfortable, not to mention warm, stylish and functional. 

What you’ll love: This shacket is made from 100% organic cotton, which means it’s breathable and cozy. With two chest pockets and naturally wrinkle-resistant fibers, this shacket is great for travel, whether it’s being worn or stuffed into a suitcase. To top it all off, the buttons on the Blanket Shirt are made from naturally felled tagua palm nuts. 

What you should consider: This shacket is a bit pricey in comparison to models with similar designs and materials. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top Shacket for the money

Carhartt 'Full Swing Quick Duck Overland'

Carhartt Full Swing Quick Duck Overland 

What you need to know: If you’re interested in a rugged do-it-all outdoor shacket that can withstand the toughest conditions, look no further than the Full Swing Overland shacket from Carhartt. 

What you’ll love: In addition to having a bi-swing back, the elbows are slightly more stretchy than the rest of the jacket, further extending the wearer’s range of motion and dexterity. The flannel lining is just enough to make this shacket warm enough as a single layer in the early spring and late fall. To top it all off, this jacket has a secure interior pocket and four exterior pockets. 

What you should consider: Because this shacket is designed for rugged outdoor use, it doesn’t have a fitted or especially flattering cut. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Filson Jac-Shirt

Filson Jac-Shirt

What you need to know: Inspired by the elegant aspects of countryside life, this shacket combines the best in premium materials, outdoor capabilities and classic style. 

What you’ll love: This shacket is made in Seattle out of a tight-knit 100% wool weave that maximizes warmth and breathability without sacrificing wind resistance. The wool is thick, but not bulky and heavy. Another benefit of the Filson Jac-Shirt is its length, which is specifically designed to be able to be worn untucked or tucked if you want extra protection from the elements. 

What you should consider: Because Filson is a high-end brand, this shacket is almost twice the price of high-end shackets from non-designer brands. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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