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Which oversized jean jacket is best?

Just about every decade from the last century has made a comeback in fashion. And with so many different trends coming together, it can be hard to find that one thing that ties your whole outfit together. Enter the oversized jean jacket. 

This versatile piece of outerwear has a place in everyone’s wardrobe, from grunge to workwear. Indigo-blue is tried-and-true in the head-spinning world of changing fashion trends. No matter your style, you can’t go wrong with the Calvin Klein Jeans Oversized Vintage Denim Jacket

What to know before you buy an oversized jean jacket

What is an oversized jean jacket

Oversized denim is iconic. Designed for that cool, slouchy look, this take on the classic piece of outerwear is the perfect mix between comfort and slacker swagger. 

 long oversized denim jacket

Unlike a regular denim jacket, oversized jackets are made to be loose in the arms and chest but not so big you’re swimming in them. Hemlines still usually fall at the waist, but you can go all in with a long oversized denim jacket if you’re after the trench silhouette. 

Benefits of an oversized jean jacket

Whether you want the jacket-from-your-partner look, or you’re going after that “Breakfast Club” aesthetic, you cannot beat an oversized jean jacket. Lightweight and layerable, they’re perfect for those spring and summer months. You can wear it over your shoulders, off of one shoulder or throw on a sweater or sweatshirt underneath for added warmth.

Styling an oversized jean jacket

Oversized has that carefree attitude synonymous with the 1980s and 1990s. Go all-in with a baggy fit, or play with contrasts and accentuate your figure. 

streetwear aesthetic

Part of what makes denim so versatile is that it works both for preppy, streetwear and workwear styles. You can add it to a pair of chinos and a casual button-down for a look you can wear out to dinner. Or layer it over your favorite graphic tee and black, skinny jeans for the streetwear aesthetic. Swap the sneakers for brown boots and the tee for flannel, and your oversized denim becomes a rugged staple in workwear.

What to look for in a quality oversized jean jacket


Washing is a production process that determines the color and distressing of your denim. Which wash you choose comes down to your own personal style: 

  • Indigo: This is the rich blue most commonly used for denim. It’s also the most versatile, pairing well with darks and lights or casual and dressy.  
  • Light-wash: This baby-blue distressed wash gives you that faded, well-worn look. Light-wash is an excellent counter to darker denim if you’re trying to double up. It looks great with black jeans.
  • Dark-wash: Deep and saturated, dark-wash blue denim has an edgy side that goes well with the classic white tee or black leather jacket.
  • Acid-wash: The result of a washing process that partially bleaches the denim, acid wash is a totally 1980s aesthetic that has fun applications in contemporary style. Wear it as a statement piece or as a part of a streetwear ensemble. 
  • Black: Black never goes out of style, and a black oversize denim jacket is all about combining a slimming fit with the rough texture of denim. Black wash is perfect if you’re feeling a little punk or rock ‘n’ roll. 
  • White: Beach-chic, summery white denim is crisp and preppy. Pair it with light-wash, indigo or white jeans, or throw it over a dress for some casual structure in your outfit. 


In addition to the wash, denim can have all sorts of aesthetic effects. Fringe is in right now, and this dangling textural element gives off a boho vibe that harkens back to cowboys and the wild west. 

Patchwork is also making a comeback with its homespun look. These jackets have fun alternating squares of different-wash denim that allow you the opportunity to play with texture and color blocking. 

Lastly, distressed denim is a classic, patinated style. You get the lived-in look of that storied favorite in your closet. It adds cool texture and has a bit of punk-rock edge.


The cut of your jacket describes its structure and fit. The three most common are trucker, chore and cropped denim jackets: 

  • Trucker: The trucker is the original denim jacket and is made to be close-fitting and hemmed at the waist. An oversized trucker will fall slightly below the waist and fit loose in the torso and arms. 
  • Chore: Originally designed for physical labor, this comfortable jacket with big pockets has a downward-draping fit that runs long in oversized denim.
  • Crop: Cut short at the waist, cropped denim jackets are big in the arms and torso. These are great for that bomber-jacket look, so you can achieve an 80s slouch while still showing off your waist.


True denim is 100% cotton. But today, many manufacturers mix in other fabrics such as polyester to cut costs and improve strength. These blended fabrics can lose their shape in the dryer. They also don’t have the slubby, rigid texture of real-cotton denim. If you’re after comfort, or a tight fit, however, stretchy blends are a great alternative to cotton for their body-conforming properties. 

How much you can expect to spend on an oversized jean jacket

An oversized denim jacket made from a blend of fabrics is typically $30-$60. For 100% cotton designer brands, you can expect to pay up to $120 at major outlets.

Oversized jean jacket FAQ

Should I wash my denim jacket?

A. Don’t wash your denim unless it gets truly dirty. If you absolutely have to put it in the washing machine, do so on the gentlest setting using cold water and very little detergent. Turning your jacket inside out will not only protect the hardware and dyes but also expose the places that really need cleaning, such as the armpits. Don’t put your denim in the dryer. Either hang dry it or lay it flat. 

Can I get the oversized look by just sizing up?

A. Part of what makes the oversize style so popular is that the jacket has subtle touches that still conform and flatter your body despite being roomy elsewhere. Merely sizing up can give that billow, slouchy look but might not be as comfortable or stay on as well as a fitted, oversize jean jacket.

What’s the best oversized jean jacket to buy?

Top oversized jean jacket

Calvin Klein Jeans Oversized Vintage Denim Jacket

Calvin Klein Jeans Oversized Vintage Denim Jacket

What you need to know: This light-wash trucker from one of the biggest late-’90s brands hits all the right notes for an instant classic.

What you’ll love: Slightly faded for that vintage look, you’ll feel like you’ve had this denim jacket forever. It’s 100% cotton with enough extra fabric to loosely roll up the sleeves, but not so much that you’re committing to the full slacker look. 

What you should consider: For the price and material, you really can’t go wrong with this classic cut and tasteful distressing.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top oversized jean jacket for the money

Cotton On Womens The Oversized Denim Jacket

Cotton On Women’s The Oversized Denim Jacket

What you need to know: Cotton On’s indigo trucker is perfect for a crisp, clean look on a budget.

What you’ll love: Designed to fall just below the waist, this jacket has a boxy fit. The roomy sleeves are comfortable and taper at the wrist. And the lack of distressing makes this a versatile piece for various styles. This jacket pairs best with slimming or cropped tops. 

What you should consider: The jacket is imported and uses Australian sizes, so be sure to check the conversion chart in the product’s details.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Worth checking out

Hotmiss Men's Denim Jacket Casual Button Down Trucker Jacket Jean Coat

Hotmiss Men’s Denim Jacket Casual Button Down Trucker Jacket Jean Coat

What you need to know: Baggy and lightweight, the Hotmiss trucker has a retro vibe with a unisex fit.

What you’ll love: This jean jacket is the quintessential early ’90s piece of outerwear. Unstructured and loose, you can roll up the sleeves and let it hang off your shoulders to really achieve the grunge look. It’s roomy for breathability on warmer days and layering potential in the colder months. 

What you should consider: This jacket is a polyester, cotton blend.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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