Which waffle robes are best? 

Waffle robes are a convenient and comfortable garment to wear right after bathing and throughout the day. They are weaved in a waffle pattern that makes them easier to wash and last longer. If you are looking for a soft robe that is warm and features pockets, the Women’s Croft & Barrow Waffle Texture Robe is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a waffle robe


They are designed to fit the season and detail preference. Mid-rise robes reach just below the calf and full-length robes go down to your ankles. Spa robes are typically mid-length. There are shorter options available, depending on the season and the setting. 


Sleeves are either short, elbow-length or go down to your wrists. If the robe is mid-length, the sleeves rise just below the elbow, while long robes feature long sleeves. If you are searching for comfort, opt for wide sleeves that flow rather than constricting, form-fitting sleeves.  


If it is made with thin fabric it may be breathable and lightweight but lack warmth and softness. Waffle robes made with plush cotton and poly-blend materials are lightweight and warm. Organic cotton causes less irritation and is favored by those with common household allergies.  

What to look for in a quality waffle robe


Pockets create added storage space for self-care items and are a comfortable place to rest your hands. Most robes do not feature more than two pockets. Pockets hang open and appear bulky if the belt is tightened too tightly. 


The lining is what creates insulation and keeps you warm. Regardless of the material, a robe that is lined is thicker, warmer and is less likely to be see-through. Fleece is the warmest, softest lining material. Lined robes are best for colder seasons and are popular at outdoor spas. 


They soak up water quickly so that you are not cold and damp when you get out of the shower. The more absorbent the robe is, the quicker the drying process is after bathing, unless the robe is saturated. 


The belt should not only hold everything together, but it should be long enough so that you can adjust it. If the belt is appropriately sized, you get to choose whether you want to experience a relaxed fit or tighten it around your waist. 


Double stitching adds durability. If the fabric is thin, this stitching holds together strongly and the robe lasts longer. Sleeves that are securely stitched do not experience fraying. This also prevents it from stretching in certain areas. 

How much you can expect to spend on a waffle robe

Waffle robes cost anywhere from $20-$50 depending on the size, adjustability and storage features and material. 


  • If you need it to be extra absorbent, purchase a terry cloth robe. 
  • Make sure it fits true to size before buying it. This information is found in the product reviews. 
  • Cotton robes can be washed and dried on any cycle without experiencing damage or shrinking. 
  • Purchase one with a hanger loop if you do not want to fold it to store it. 
  • Saturated robes take longer to absorb. Put your hair up in a towel and let it dry before it soaks the back of your robe. Dry off your body before putting on a robe. 
  • To stop pilling, wash it on a gentle cycle and dry it on low heat. 
  • Turning it inside out prevents the sleeves from pilling. 
  • If it is made with terry cloth, do not wash it with bleach. 
  • Shawl collar robes and products made with hoods keep your neck and head warm. 

Waffle robe FAQ

What is pilling? 

A. Pilling occurs when the material experiences wear and begins to break down. This looks like a loose thread hanging from your robe

Are all robes unisex? 

A. No. Most robes are worn by all genders, but some sizing is gender-specific. For example, men’s sizes will not fit all women, just as women’s sizes will be too small for most men. 

Can I wear one over clothing? 

A. Yes. If you plan to wear your robe over clothes, opt for a larger one that comfortably fits you in addition to one layer of clothing without the sleeves being tight. 

What’s the best waffle robe to buy?

Top waffle robe

Women's Croft & Barrow Waffle Texture Robe

Women’s Croft & Barrow Waffle Texture Robe

What you need to know: It is available in multiple colors and sizes and comes with two pockets. 

What you’ll love: It is made with soft cotton and stretchy polyester and is machine washable. It ties in the front, is warm and fits true to size. 

What you should consider: The product description says that the sleeves are long, but they only extend just below the elbow. The colors are more faded than their photos and the pockets are bulky when you tie the robe. 

Where to buy: Kohl’s

Top waffle robe for the money

Turkish Linen Waffle Spa Bathrobe for Women

Turkish Linen Waffle Spa Bathrobe for Women 

What you need to know: This robe is lightweight, breathable and comes in many colors. 

What you’ll love: It is absorbent, double stitched to be resistant to tear and is made with two pockets. The fabric is soft and comfortable and the tie is adjustable. 

What you should consider: It pills when cleaned and some notice a smell when it arrives. It is not true to size

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Turquaz Linen Unisex Waffle Spa Robe

Turquaz Linen Unisex Waffle Spa Robe

What you need to know: This mid-length, lightweight robe is recommended for men and women and is made with pockets. 

What you’ll love: The waffle texture is on the inside and outside and the tie is adjustable. It comes in many colors and is double stitched for durability when it is washed. 

What you should consider: It is see-through in certain lights and is thin because it is unlined. It only goes down to the mid-calf. 

Where to buy: Amazon


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