NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – It’s a special time of year at WAVY TV 10! We’re excited to kick off another month of celebrating Remarkable Women in Hampton Roads. This is an effort spearheaded by our parent company Nexstar Media to recognize the wonderful contributions of women in local communities nationwide.

Each Tuesday in March during WAVY News 10 at 4 p.m. we will be highlighting the 757’s best, starting with Dr. Angela Reddix.

Reddix is a familiar name in Hampton Roads. She was born and raised here and returned with the full intention of making a great impact on the community she’s always called home. The entrepreneur serves as a role model to many. And it seems there’s no stopping her rise from humble beginnings.

“I am on a mission to increase wealth in America,” said Reddix. “I am living in the overflow right now, absolutely. I don’t care how you come in this world. As long as you get the opportunity to open your eyes just one more day you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself.”

That, she’s done in stride, working her way to a beautiful office on the top floor as the Founder, President and CEO of Ardx, a healthcare technology company, that was expanding even as we spoke.

“We are launching seven new lines of businesses and a brand new model for the organization,” said Reddix.

It’s no surprise Angela became a finalist in our contest to anyone who’s seen the many times we’ve covered her philanthropic work throughout the region over the years.

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“When you look at all of the things that she does, she could hold that money for herself but she chooses not to, and to continuously pour herself into the community,” said Laurie Cox Spangle who nominated Reddix. “Authentic, genuine, she does it from the bottom of her heart and doesn’t bat an eye, and is happy to do it.”

Yes, Reddix rules! In 2020 Angela gave $2,020 to 13 women to celebrate 13 years in business. And to date, her non-profit “Envision, Lead, Grow” has been able to help 2,149 girls with big dreams throughout the country. 

Reddix says her mother changed a cycle of poverty in their family that has greatly benefitted her. And she knows she can help other women do the same.

“Truly I got it from my Mama, the ability to feel ok being different,” said Reddix. “If we want to transform communities of poverty into communities of prosperity we can’t look to the government. We have to look at us and we have to look at our mindset. I was always the youngest at the table, many times the only woman, and certainly the only African American at the table. We have to educate our sisters. I do believe you can have it all but it’s not yours for you to keep.”

The journey may not be easy, but she’s proving every day that the top isn’t where Trailblazers stop.