NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Sometimes Halloween costumes are true works of art. If you need proof of that, look no further than the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk! The gallery hosts show off their creativity each year.

This year, they modeled their costumes after 12 different pieces of art in the museum ranging from paintings to sculptures.

The museum shared these images with WAVY TV.

Taylor, Tiffany Studios, Dragonfly Library Lamp, ca. 1905
Mary, Debora Moore, Yellow Lady Slipper, 2008
Tuff, Thaddeus Wolfe, Untitled, 2022
Jennifer, Peter Paul Rebels, A Satyr Holding a Basket of Grapes and Quinces with a Nymph, ca. 1620
Haley, Lucio Fontana, Concetto Spaziale, Attese, 1964-65
Karen, William Baziotes, Pierrot II, 1948
Etain, unknown, Beer Pitcher, ca. 1700
Colleen, Harriet Goodhue Hosmer, Will-o-the-Wisp, ca. 1858
Eden, Adolph’s-William Bouguereau, Orestes Pursued by the Furies, 1862
Olga, Henri Edmond Cross, Excursion, 1895
Kat, Robert Indiana, Fire Bridge, 1964-65