PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — When it comes to election security in the unpredictable year of 2020, officials say an old adage remains true: See something, say something.

There have already been reports of alleged voter intimidation in parts of Virginia in a year where skepticism over the election process is widespread. Both attorneys general of Virginia and North Carolina have warned serious penalties could come for anyone found engaging in voter intimidation.

Voter intimidation can include anything such as attempting to stop, block, or harass people attempting to vote.

“Voter intimidation and voter harassment will not be tolerated,” said Attorney General Mark Herring, (D-Va.), in an interview Thursday. “There are criminal penalties in both state and federal law for engaging in that kind of conduct and I’m hopeful that we won’t see it but it’s important to make sure local officials know the tools they have just in case an incident does arise.”

If people feel harassed or intimidated the first thing they should do is tell an election officer, according to the Virginia Department of Elections. They will often be wearing a bright orange nametag.

Voters in Virginia can also report any issues at the polls online here or by calling (800) 552-9745. If someone is in danger, call 911.

Attorney General John Stein, (D-N.C.), suggested getting law enforcement involved right away with concerns.

He also warned against people thinking they can be “poll watchers.”

On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump has encouraged supporters to go into polling places and watch

“Don’t do that. That’s terrible advice. In fact, it’s illegal. You cannot go into the precinct, in the voting area, for any reason other than to vote,” he said.

Each political party is allowed to appoint poll observers to precincts.

They must meet North Carolina State Board of Elections requirements. While they are allowed to take notes, they cannot disrupt voters, election officials, nor speak to voters.

It’s worth reminding that no “electioneering” can occur within 40 feet of a polling place and firearms are not allowed at polling places on school property.

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