Woman alarmed after injured, unclaimed dogs continue to show up in Hampton neighborhood


HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — A Hampton woman is worried someone is dumping injured pit bulls in her neighborhood.

“A neighbor called me very upset and said this dog can barely lift his head, it’s sitting here in a pile of leaves by the corner by my house and the dog literally couldn’t even stand,” said Schneider.

Leah Schneider, who lives off Locust Avenue in Hampton, rushed the pit bull to the vet after seeing how emaciated and weak he was. 

“He was very weak, he was very dehydrated, if he hadn’t have been treated and had medical attention he probably would not have made it unfortunately, so I’m glad she did bring him in when she did,” said  Vera Adams, a veterinarian at Armstead Avenue Vet Clinic.

Adams says he’s about 20 pounds underweight, has multiple wounds, hook worms and an infection. 

Schneider reported the dog to animal control on Wednesday. 

Animal Control Officials say officers responded to the area where the pit was found in an attempt to locate the owner, but were unsuccessful. They say they still haven’t found an owner. 

Schneider says she was not surprised to learn this was the third pit bull she has found injured, and unclaimed, all within a few block radius. 

“Between Locust Avenue and Cherry (Avenue) and that’s my concern, it seems to be too close,” she explained. 

She found two other dogs in her neighborhood just weeks apart back in the spring.

“She had an infection, both of them were treated and spayed, she had this side of her mouth was hanging downward there was too gashes rather deep down there that had been infected kinda green,” she said.

She tried finding their owners, but no one came forward. 

Now, she’s worried someone’s dumping them intentionally. 

“Hopefully we’ll find out what’s happening, the condition the one is in is pretty deplorable to me it broke my heart”

In each case, Schneider says she’s reached out to animal control to file a report. 

Hampton Animal Control officials say they were unable to locate any calls for service involving malnourished or injured pitbull, except for the one found yesterday.

They say people could just not be reporting them properly. 

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