PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – A dip in gas prices and inflation showing some signs of falling may encourage more people to travel for the holidays in 2022.

Ryan Adcock of AAA Tidewater said travel forecasts don’t predict pre-pandemic travel trends, but they’re definitely expecting more people to hit the roads or take to the skies for the holidays this year.

Still, one thing is for certain.

“Inflation in general is not stopping anyone from getting out there to see their family this holiday season,” Adcock said. “Consumers are hearing a little bit more jingle in their pockets now.”

Gas prices across Virginia are below $3 a gallon, with prices in Hampton Roads lower than the state average for a gallon of gas. To avoid any travel headaches, Adcock said people shouldn’t travel on two specific days.

“The 27th we expect is going to be quite a congested day with a mix of regular commuters going to and from work as well as people coming back from their holiday destinations,”
Adcock said. “Just as well as the same thing on January the 2nd.”

One of the biggest expected travel days will also be towards the end of this week, the same time a winter storm is expected.

“If you’re able to rebook and fly out on a different day so that you’re not affected by the snowstorm at the end of the week, to start looking at those options now as opposed to when your flight may inevitably be canceled or delayed,” he said.

Also, it’s a perfect time to remember to pack winter weather essentials in your car – just in case.

“The situation on (Interstate) 95 taught us to make sure you have a trunk kit in your car with things like warm clothes, nonperishable foods, water, things to keep you warm, and a pair of jumper cables,” Adcock said. 

While holiday travel may not be back to pre pandemic levels, there will still be plenty of people out and about.