Why signs with artwork are popping up in Norfolk front yards


NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — There’s a well known 19th century Impressionist painting called “At the Florist” by American artist Frederick Childe Hassam.

The original hangs in the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk. Now copies are springing up along city sidewalks and perched among the flowers in people’s front yards. 

The yard signs are all part of the museum’s 85th anniversary celebration. 

“We thought ‘hey this will be great for somebody’s garden,'” said Erik Neil, the museum’s director. “It’s colorful, it’s sort of upbeat, it’s one of the most popular paintings in the collection.”

Neil says the signs are a way for people to show their support for the museum. If Childe Hassam isn’t your style, there’s also signs sporting prints of Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘Sunrise.’ 

Neil says they chose yard sign as a spoof on political signs that litter people’s front yards during election season. Instead of dividing however, he hopes these are signs everyone can get behind. 

“We’ve seen this is kind of a divisive moment in our society,” explained Neil. “Hopefully the Chrysler is a place where people can come together. Celebrating a resource like the Chrysler is something we can all get behind whether we’re right, left or center. We’re giving something to the community and it’s something that you can enjoy.”

If you’d like to add piece of artwork to your front yard, the signs are free. You can pick one up at the Chrysler Museum. 

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