Maren Lundby is currently ranked first in the FIS World Cup Standings. She finished in eighth place at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. She has competed in every world championship since 2009, where she was the first woman to jump in the inagural women’s ski jumping competition in the championships.

Ski jumping beginnings

She began ski jumping at age three on cross-country skis in Norway. She got her first pair of jumping skis at age four.

Major competitions / medals

She has enjoyed a breakthrough season in 2017-18. Lundby has won six of the eight World Cup competitions this season, and finished second in the other two. Prior to this season, she won her only medal, a silver in the team event in 2015.

Breakout moment

She finished third in the overall standings for the 2016-17 World Cup season.

Training Signature

She mainly trains by herself, but recently decided to train with the Norwegian men’s team in order to better prepare for the 2018 Olympics.

“Training with guys is really helpful for me. We always have the chance to pick up some solutions from each other and it works fine for us. I can see how they manage to do things while training, and I think this is the most enlightening part. They can teach me a lot,” Hippon told Hill Size Magazine in 2017.

Top quotes

“You feel like you break the law of gravity in a way. If you hit the right angle with the skis, then you just fly out from the hill,” Lundby told earlier this month.

“I said before the season that an Olympic gold is the goal, and I still stand by that.”

Olympic experience

Finished in eighth place at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Click here, to see where you can watch her journey begin in PyeongChang.


She is studying at Lillehammer University College in Norway and is majoring in Sport Studies. She enjoys soccer and sports in general.

Social media

Twitter: @marenlundby

Instagram: @marenlundby