Week 2: Getting in front of the camera


I started week two by linking up with WAVY report Matt Gregory and photojournalist Rob Rizzo. Matt had gotten an email from a viewer who felt that his report the previous week on “Fenway’s Law”, a kennel regulation bill currently before the House of Delegates, lacked input from local business owners who would be affected if the bill were signed into law. The gentleman turned out to be the owner of a local pet day care and boarding facility, Bayside Kennels in Virginia Beach.

We drove out to speak with the owners and found what turned out to be a great story with real local salience. The owners were clearly animal lovers who found Fenway’s death totally unacceptable, and they stressed that they were not opposed to increased regulation; however, they didn’t feel the bill would address the systemic issues in and around the boarding and day care industry.

After the interview was over, we drove back to the station and I wrote a mock package for the story while Matt wrote his script and Rob worked on the video editing. Later, I got some excellent feedback on my first package from Matt.

On Wednesday, I went to Chesapeake Circuit Court with Matt Gregory and Curtis Akers, another excellent photographer at WAVY. When we arrived, we were unable to speak to the victim’s family because the prosecutor had notified them in advance that it would be continued, which meant that for now that story was in a holding pattern.

Matt called the assignment desk, and we headed back to the station to prepare for snow coverage in Suffolk. I was able to observe how live shots are done and attempted my first standup in front of a camera. I had been warned about how awkward it is at first, and I can confirm that is, indeed, exceedingly awkward. That said, I was able to improve tremendously after a few tries, and I look forward to practicing in front of the camera both at home and out in the field.

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