SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — Wesley Hadsell, the man accused of killing his 19-year-old step-daughter AJ Hadsell back in 2015 went before a Southampton County Judge on Monday with more pre-trial requests.

Hadsell appeared in-person rather than through video conference. His defense lawyer said there was no way this hearing could go forward without Hadsell physically present. 

His defense lawyer wants limitations placed on what statements the commonwealth’s attorney and can present as evidence in the upcoming trial.

Hadsell faces charges of murder and disposing of a body in connection with the disappearance and death of his 19-year old step-daughter AJ Hadsell. AJ went missing while home from college in Norfolk in March 2015. Her body was found a month later behind an abandoned home in Southampton County. 

The statements in question on Monday included alleged statements Hadsell made to witnesses, to police, and to reporters during media interviews.

The defense raised concerns over mentions of Hadsell’s prior criminal record in certain statements.

There was also a lot of discussion over Hadsell claiming, in multiple instances, to be a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, an organization categorized as a gang and domestic terrorist organization by the United States Department of Justice.

The defense argued mentioned Hadsell’s claims of involvement with the group would prejudice the jury against him and wasn’t relevant to the current trial.

The judge ruled statements about his connection with the Aryan Brotherhood would be admissible in court only if the proper foundation and context were laid by the commonwealth and witnesses.

Hadsell’s first trial held this past February ended in a mistrial. His next trial will begin this coming March.

Hadsell has another pre-trial hearing Jan. 27.