RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY) – The Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) has announced the launch of its new video series titled “My Home Virginia”.

The new series is narrative-driven and will follow prominent Virginia-based personalities to beautiful spots across the state.

Season one of the series follows filmmaker and photographer Trevor Frost as he travels through some of his favorite spots in Virginia, such as Great Dismal Swamp, False Cape State Park, Grayson Highlands State Park and the James River.

“As a photographer who works for publications like National Geographic and spends more than half the year out of the country, I am often asked where I want to go next,” said Frost in VTC’s 2023 Virginia Travel Guide. “People are often shocked by that answer, which comes as no surprise. But they shouldn’t be, because Virginia is where I grew up – and places, like music, have an extraordinary ability to help us recall memories and relive experiences.”

All episodes in season one can be found online now. Season two of the series will focus on members of the Virginia culinary committee and is expected to launch in Fall 2023. Season three is expected to launch in Spring 2024.