AMELIA, Va. (WRIC)– An Amelia County shop owner wants answers as her business continues to be targeted by vandals.

Sandi Woody is the owner of Knot Too Shabby, a home décor store. Since the beginning of March, Woody says she’s filed a long list of police reports with the Amelia County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Woody, the first incident happened on March 9.

She said she started getting ready for the day around 7 a.m. She noticed that her dog was making a lot of noise and realized the door to her goathouse was propped open. Her heat lamps, which she uses to provide heat to her farm animals, were thrown across her backyard. The grass inside her fence was tore up and a cinder block was used to prop the door open. Her animals were left to freeze.

In the weeks after, the owner continued to deal with multiple issues in her backyard and at the store.

Her store window was shattered, which still hasn’t been fixed. She said her husband’s windshield was smeared with grease and that her family has seen people running across the property attempting to break-in to her store.

“It just seems like harassment and bullying at this point. Somebody is not happy that I’m here. Somebody doesn’t like my business being here. I’ve done this for so long,” Woody said. “We’ve poured so much of our blood, sweat, tears, money, etc. I mean, our hearts, everything into this business. We’re not going anywhere.”

Woody said her family even had to call Animal Poison Control after 20 of her chickens collapsed. Experts told her rat poisoning was put inside their coop.

“We had to slowly watch 20 of our chickens die, which was horrifying,” Woody said.

In addition, she said her back fence was open and her special needs dog fell down the stairs. She figured out the dog had been given something that it ingested, which made it sick. The dog was bleeding for five days.

“It’s really disheartening because everybody that we’ve encountered in the store has been so loving, so supportive. We’ve received nothing but kind words from everybody in the community,” Woody said.

She’s been in business for nearly six years, moving her store from Midlothian to Amelia in November.

Woody said she’s poured everything into this business and doesn’t understand why someone would want to harm her family.

“You’ve scared my babies, and now you’ve hurt my animals,” Woody said. “That’s a line you just don’t cross with any family.”

If you have any information about these incidents reach out to the Amelia County Sheriff’s Office at 804-561-2118.