VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — If you’ve noticed gas prices continuing to increase at the pump, you’re not alone. Gas prices across the country and the Commonwealth both hit a new average high on Friday.

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“Motorists will continue to feel the pain at the pump as long as the price of crude oil continues to trend upward,” said Ryan Adcock, AAA Tidewater public relations specialist. “The price of crude oil is under many stressors right now which make gas prices very volatile.”

Across the country, the average national gas price is up to $4.43 per gallon. That is slightly higher than the average $4.26 per gallon in the Commonwealth.

Locally, Hampton Roads is seeing an average of $4.26 per gallon. That is up is up $1.40 from a year ago and up $0.33 from a month ago.

Here’s a look at average prices, according to AAA:

AAA representatives are encouraging the public to do things such as plan ahead, watch their speed and shop around for the lowest gas prices in order to save at the pump.