RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY) — The Virginia Department of Corrections’ (VADOC) Victim Services Unit unveiled its new inmate notification system for crime victims.

Notification and Assistance for Victim Inclusion, or NAAVI, is a program that allows victims to easily search and receive notifications about their perpetrator’s status/updates. Inmates must be incarcerated within the VADOC for victims to receive alerts.

Notifications can be received through email, text, phone and/or mail in both English or Spanish.

Victims must register online. They can customize their profile, including when and how frequently they want to receive alerts of status changes.

Although NAAVI includes alerts of inmates serving 12 months or more within the VADOC, it does not send alerts of probationers, parolees or inmates in local or regional jails. Victims can be notified about inmates in a jail through VINE.

“NAAVI will provide the victims of crime in Virginia the opportunity to access all of the essential post-sentencing services and information they may need,” said VADOC’s Victim Services Director Amber Leake.

Click here to visit NAAVI and register for alerts.