RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY) – Do you know someone who had a baby in Virginia last year? If the baby is named Noah or Charlotte, they are not alone.

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Office of Vital Records unveiled its lists of Top 15 baby names for children born in the commonwealth in 2022. Noah tops the list for boys and Charlotte was the popular names for girls.

“It’s always fascinating to see the top names for babies in any given year,” said Seth Austin, director of VDH’s Office of Vital Records. “We see names from a number of sources: a movie, religious texts, a family’s personal history. They all represent the commonwealth’s wonderfully diverse cultures.”  

Rounding out the Top 15 names for boys in 2022:

  • James,
  • Liam,
  • William,
  • Henry,
  • Theodore,
  • Oliver,
  • Elijah,
  • Levi,
  • Benjamin,
  • Owen,
  • John,
  • Jack,
  • Asher,
  • Lucas.

For girls, the most poplar names, after Charlotte, are:

  • Olivia,
  • Ava,
  • Amelia,
  • Emma,
  • Harper,
  • Evelyn,
  • Eleanor,
  • Sophia,
  • Elizabeth,
  • Lilly,
  • Abigail,
  • Riley,
  • Nora,
  • Chloe. 

Virginia’s Office of Vital Records released other interesting information about 2022 births.  

  • The most births occurred in August with 8,917 babies delivered, with Aug. 17 seeing the most number of babies born – 359.  
  • Fridays are the busiest day of the week in Virginia delivery rooms: 14,429 babies were born on a Friday in 2022; Sundays, on the other hand, are the slowest days of the week, with only 8,746 born on a Sunday in 2022.  
  • There were 1,344 sets of twins born in Virginia in 2022, while there were 19 sets of triplets born in the state.  
  • And on New Year’s Day 2022, 178 new Virginians came into the world. 

The Social Security Administration has information about popular names in each of the 50 states dating back to 1960, at this link.