RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — An officer-involved shooting investigation is underway in downtown Richmond after police shot a naked man who was ‘running around crazy’ on Interstate 95, sources told 8News.

All northbound lanes of Interstate 95 are currently closed at mile marker 75 near Chamberlayne Avenue. The southbound left lane and shoulder are closed, according to VDOT.

Sources tell WRIC that police responded to reports of a naked man ‘running around crazy’ on I-95 and later shot the suspect after he charged at officers. 

WRIC spoke with Gene Lepley, Richmond Police’s Public Affairs Director, about the incident. 

According to Lepley, the incident occurred after a hit and run near Belvidere Street and Franklin Street around 5:30 p.m.  

An officer witnessed the crash and pursed the driver, who drove on the ramp on Chamberlayne Avenue. Once upon the ramp, the fleeing driver hit two other vehicles and struck a tree. 

Police found the suspect naked after he exited his wrecked vehicle. Officers attempted to use their tasers on the man, but it didn’t work. 

An officer resorted to using his gun and shot the suspect. 

The man was shot twice in the abdomen, according to two police sources. 

The officer involved in the shooting is being questioned and on leave, according to Lepley.