REAL ID: What you need to get one


VIRGINIA (WAVY) — You could have a real problem if you don’t have a REAL ID by Oct. 1 this year.

Even if you don’t have immediate plans to fly, Norfolk Airport Authority Deputy Executive Director Steve Sterling says you should be prepared to fly in case of unexpected situations or emergencies.

“What if you have an unexpected death in the family, or other emergency?” he asked. “You may need to hop on a plane with little or no notice.”

Without a REAL ID, come Oct. 1, boarding that plane may present a real issue.

TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein told 10 On Your Side it’s critical travelers ensure they have the means to get through that TSA security checkpoint.

“You’re going to really be between a rock and a hard place because the TSA officer is not going to let you get through the checkpoint,” she said.

The TSA has a list of 15 other forms of ID they’ll accept. The most common is a passport, but the other options many people don’t have.

That’s why authorities are encouraging you to switch out your old driver’s license for the REAL ID now, before the big rush leading up to the Oct. 1 deadline.

Virginia DMV spokeswoman Brandy Brubaker explained that to get one, you must go to the DMV in-person with the right documents.

“For a lot of people, that document might be your birth certificate or your valid passport,” she said.

You’ll also need either your social security card or something that shows proof of your social security number — such as a W2 form.

Also required are two proofs of your Virginia residency. That could be your current driver’s license and either a utility bill or voter registration card, for instance, Brubaker said.

“When I got my REAL ID, I brought my passport, my social security card, my driver’s license with my current street address, and … my voter registration card,” she said.

One more important note: If your name has changed, you’ll need to bring the document that shows that, such as a marriage certificate.

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