PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. (DC News Now) — A police investigator said in a court document that a man accused of killing a former girlfriend and her boyfriend appeared in a video hours earlier, showing guns, saying: “People to see, things to do…I got something for them…”

The Prince William County Police Department said Desmond Malcolm Daniel, 24, shot Alyssa Trynese Gainey, 22, of Woodbridge and Javon Alberto Williams, 24, of Dumfries in the basement of a home in the 17400 block of Isle Royale Terrace in the Dumfries area on Nov. 16. Gainey died there. Williams died at the hospital.

In the criminal complaint filed against Daniel, the officer said when police arrived at the home, the owner of the house shouted for help from a third floor window. Police went into the home through a basement window. It appeared someone had forced his way into the house. They found Gainey and Williams shot, with “cartridge casings spread out on the floor of the basement.”

A man called police while officers were investigating. He said he just talked to Daniel, who was the caller’s friend and former roommate. He told officers that Daniel told him he “shot and killed Javon” and that Daniel admitted he shot Gainey.

The owner of the home told police that Williams was her son, who lived in the home. She said Gainey was Williams’ girlfriend, who got back together with him after Gainey broke up with Daniel a few days before the shooting.

Williams’ mother said she knew that Daniel had a gun, and she showed police a video posted on social video. It was in that video, the officer wrote, that Daniel could be seen “displaying his firearms several hours before the shooting, stating in the video, ‘people to see, things to do… I got something for them…'”

The officer also stated that there was security footage from inside the home that showed a person who looked similar to Daniel, wearing similar clothing, “shoot through the basement window, jump through the window, and then shoot in the direction of both victims multiple times before leaving through the same window.”

The criminal complaint said that an “exigent ping” was placed on Daniel’s phone and that Virginia State Police located him near Dulles International Airport. Troopers asked him, “Where’s the gun?” for officer safety purposes. They said Daniel told him that it was in his apartment.

Daniel, who is from Woodbridge, is charged with:

  • 2nd Degree Murder (2 counts)
  • Use of a Firearm in Commission of a Felony (2 counts)
  • Shooting into an Occupied Dwelling
  • Entering a Dwelling to Commit Murder

Daniel was being held without bond as of Thursday, Nov. 17. He was scheduled to appear in court in January 2023.