NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A local foundation is receiving $1 million from Facebook to support Black communities in Hampton Roads.

The Hampton Roads Community Foundation was one of 20 community foundations nationwide that were selected, according to the foundation.

“We are elated that Facebook recognizes the Hampton Roads Community Foundation’s commitment to racial equity and chose to partner with us to support Black nonprofits,” said President and CEO Deborah DiCroce. “Too often, racial bias and inequities limit opportunities for Black people. Thus, the Black Community Partnership Fund will help challenge and dismantle structural racism in our community.”

The money will be used to create the Black Partnership Community Fund, which will help at least 20 Black-led or Black-serving organizations in Hampton Roads.

Starting in 2021, organizations can apply to be recipients of the funds.

“The Hampton Roads Community Foundation believes Black-led and Black-serving non-profits know how best to serve their community. They’re on the ground. They’re building relationships with the community. We trust giving them the money to address the inequities that face the Black community,” said Vivian Oden, who is the vice president of special projects for the foundation.

Oden says there are only 750 community foundations in the country and believes their work with racial equity helped them stand out.

Since 2019, The Hampton Roads Community Foundation has committed itself to racial equity in the region and has hosted a number of events focusing on the issue.

“Racial inequities did not happen overnight. It will take more time, more effort, more money to address racial inequities in this country,” she said.

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it would commit $100 million to support Black businesses, nonprofits, and creators.

“We’re excited to work with the Hampton Roads Community Foundation to help bring much-needed funding to nonprofits that are serving and supporting the Black community in Hampton Roads,” said Marcy Scott Lynn, Facebook director of global impact partnerships. “We’re providing funding directly to the community foundation to build on its track record of supporting Black-led nonprofits and ensure that people locally are making the decisions about where these dollars are most needed and can have the most impact.”

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