(WFXR) — Gov. Glenn Youngkin declared a state of emergency in order to help with response and recovery efforts following the heavy flooding in the southwest region of the Commonwealth on Thursday.

Officials say the Virginia Emergency Support Team (VEST) has been monitoring flash flooding and heavy rainfall in the southwestern region since Wednesday, July 27.

“This event presents significant resource and operational challenges as the region has experienced several days of rainfall and storms with additional rainfall forecasted in the days ahead,” Youngkin’s office said in a statement on Thursday, July 28.

According to officials, the heavy rainfall has already caused flash flooding and significant impacts on roads and utilities in multiple localities.

However, the Commonwealth is reportedly providing supplies to its local partners, with the VEST set to keep continue supporting the flooding response efforts.

“Southwest Virginia continues to be impacted by flooding after heavy rainfall in the area yesterday,” Youngkin said. “With more rainfall forecasted over the next few days, we want to lean forward in providing as many resources possible to assist those affected. Our team will continue to monitor the situation and provide assistance as needed.”

A state of emergency not only lets the Commonwealth mobilize resources and send people and equipment to help with response and recovery, but also allows Virginia officials to coordinate the supply of resources with state and local partners, according to the governor’s office.