RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY) – Right before the General Assembly got underway, a meeting was held with the members of the Virginia Beach Mass Shooting Commission.  

A handful of family members were in attendance and addressed their concerns with the slow progress of the Commission and how they think they are being stonewalled by the city of Virginia Beach.  

During the meeting, Commission members took up the issue of the personal computer found in the shooter’s condo and how Del. Kelly Convirs-Fowler came into its possession. 

“I hope you would all be in favor of sending an official letter to Del. Convirs-Fowler noting my request…that she turnover the laptop to Virginia Beach Police so they can continue their investigation,” Commission Chairman Ryant Washington said.

Convirs-Fowler told us she handed the laptop over to the Department of Justice, but not to the Virginia Beach Police Department as her attorney told us she would. 

One commissioner in particular, David Cariens, was extremely concerned about the laptop discovery since it has been so long after the incident and after the police had searched the condo, 

“When they did the search of the killer’s condo, they said they found no laptop. So this is a major question,” Cariens said. “Was this thing tampered with? Why did it turn up now where he was? What was the purpose of it being turned over?”

Steve Cover, who is on the Commission and was the Deputy City Manager for Public Safety at the time of the mass shooting, says that time will tell when it comes to whether Virginia Beach was throwing roadblocks.  

“That is their opinion. I think time will tell, hopefully, they will be forthright in what we have asked for.”