SUSSEX COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A bobcat tested positive for rabies after biting a human and a dog in a Suffolk County neighborhood last week.

On Wednesday, July 26, a female bobcat ran out from under a car on Winfield Lane in the Waverly area of Suffolk and bit an adult victim and dog. The bobcat tested positive for rabies, according to the Crater District Health Department.

“Please notify public health officials or animal control immediately if you live near Winfield Lane and think you or your pets had contact with the infected bobcat,” Alton Hart, Jr., Director of the Crater District Health Department, said.

The Sussex County Health Department also encouraged pet owners to make sure their pets were up to date on their vaccinations, especially rabies.

To stay safe from potentially dangerous animals, community members should avoid wild or stray animals and always keep pets on a leash when outside of their property.

If you see a stray or suspicious animal, contact Sussex County Animal Control at 804-898-5371.

If you have concerns about you or your pet being exposed to rabies, contact your healthcare provider immediately.