HALIFAX COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — Some Blue Ridge Rock Festivalgoers say they were able to dispute tickets with their banks after the festival was canceled halfway through. Festivalgoers were muddled with bad weather and alleged poor conditions for staff and attendees. However, many are still waiting to learn if they’ll be reimbursed.

Rayven Lehman says she reached out to ticket vendor Etix.

“I got a general, like a usual email saying to wait 48 hours, we have a high volume of refunds needed,” she said.

Lehman says she waited about three days and then called. She was advised that Etix was waiting on the Blue Ridge Rock Festival to confirm before it issued any refunds.

“Basically, it’s just a waiting game,” said Lehman.

Before you buy a ticket, the Etix website does warn in their policies that they will only issue refunds if an event is canceled in its entirety. It also says policies set by the “client” may prohibit them from issuing a refund.

The Blue Ridge Rock Festival website also cautions that there will be no refunds or exchanges, and refunds will not be given due to weather. The festival maintains that they canceled due to severe weather.

Organizers posted to Facebook Saturday that they would have an update about refunds early this week, then Tuesday posted again asking for more patience.

“I got to see five out of the 156 bands we were promised,” said Lehman. “I will never go back again. I’m already looking at different festivals to go to next year that aren’t associated with anything that has anything to do with Blue Ridge.”

Etix did not immediately respond when asked for guidance on receiving a refund; the site is experiencing a high volume of requests. Blue Ridge Rock Festival has not responded to multiple requests for comment.